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A College Running Track

Track and Field Athletics

An all weather running track is the common term to describe a rubberized artificial running surface for the sport of Track and field athletics. Throughout the history of the sport, there has always been a search for a consistent surface that gave competitors an equal advantage, to test their athletic ability not encumbered by dealing with adverse conditions. There are other events in and around the sport that do incorporate dealing with the elements as part of the sport, but Track and Field has always deemed most of its competition in more scientific terms. Various forms of dirt, grass, sand and ultimately crushed cinders were used. Many examples of these varieties of track still exist worldwide.


The Measurment of a Track

The proper length for a competitive running track is 400 m (1,312.3 ft). Some tracks are not built to this specification, some are legacy to imperial distances like 440 yd (402.3 m). Prior to rule changes in 1980, imperial distances were still used in the United States. Some facilities build tracks to fit the available space. Olympic tracks in the early 20th century were of other lengths. Each lane of the track could (by international IAAF Rules should) be as wide as 122 cm (4.00 ft), though the majority of American tracks are built to NFHS high school specifications that allow smaller lanes. The IAAF also specifies a preferred radius for the turns at 37 metres, but allows a range. Major international level meets are conducted and world records are allowed to be set on tracks that are not exactly 37 metres, but do fall in the range.
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